Saturday, August 14, 2021

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Good morning lovely knitters!  I bet you are all looking forward to those heat breaking thunder storms like I am.  Phew - as if I wasn't already looking forward to fall, this definitely pushed me over the edge!

The big news this week is that our hours are being extended - starting WEDNESDAY, August 18 we'll be open Wednesday thru Saturday 12 to 5.  The knit nighters and I agreed that with the rising case numbers again, knit night would remain on Zoom for a bit, so the late Thursday hours are still somewhere in the future.  

Classes are also beginning this coming week!  Since I can limit the amount of people in classes, these will be in person classes, no more than 4 people (previously 6).  Here's what is starting this week - 

Tunisian Crochet Blocks - starts Friday 8/20 (there is only one spot left in this class, so if you have been thinking about it, do it quick). Our Tunisian Blanket Square series is a beginner tunisian crochet class for those of you who have a little experience with crochet, but want to move on to learning the techniques of Tunisian Crochet while making a gorgeous sampler blanket.  This is the first square in our series. We're using this pattern (which you'll need to buy yourself) and making one square each week - you'll need a chunky yarn which you can come and choose anytime before class and a size 8mm Tunisian Hook.  We'll be doing a different square every week over the course of the next year, so you can pick and choose what you like, do them all for a jaw-dropping finished blanket or just choose a couple and repeat them for an equally lovely blanket. 

Sweater Club - starts Sunday 8/22. I know many of you who fear knitting sweaters and this winter - its time to get over it!  Sweaters are fun, with loads of options and ultimately one of the most useful things you can ever knit!  This class will be a little more free form than some of our other project classes so that you can choose JUST the sweater you want.  Please come into the shop BEFORE class to choose your pattern and yarn so that when the new year arrives, you can hit the ground knitting! 

Kitty Lovers Crochet Cat Couch - starts Sunday 8/22. This hilarious project is just for you super indulgent cat (or tiny dog) lovers!  You'll want to have some basic crochet skills, but along the way, we'll cover some interesting shaping, seaming and loads more!  And before you ask, yes, the Chloe and Mooney requested this class, but they can't get the hang of crochet!  No thumbs!

Clinic Time - Sunday 8/22

This is an open class for any knitting issues.  Sign-up ahead of time or there may not be space (if there are too many) or no one at the shop (if we don't know you're coming.

Come in with any problems and we'll help you through them.  Clinic time is also a great time to get a project going that you're worried about starting.  By the end, you'll likely be on easy street!

This week, we also got our big batch of Greater Boston Yarn Crawl project bags!  These are on sale in the shop for just $5 - you can get the passport for free with Wayside Waves, but a big part of the fun is collecting the buttons at each shop to pin onto this cute project bags, so pop in and grab one!  Kits for Wayside Waves are available here.

This awesome picture of more knitted samples of the Heart Scarf also appeared this week!  I'm thinking some of my friends are getting these awesomely cute love filled scarves for Christmas!  What about you?

Island Yarn 
189 Main Street
Maynard, MA  01754
Saturday 8/14 - 12-4
Hours starting 8/18: Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5
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