Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Good morning lovely knitters!  WAHOOOOOO!!!  It is time to throw those windows wide open and feel some amazingly FRESH air that hasn't been felt in WEEKS!  Isn't it glorious??!?  I almost had forgotten what it felt like to wake up feeling refreshed?!  So, I don't know if it is the same for you - but fresh cool air just makes me feel like doing a million different projects!  Good thing I've got some yarn in the shop to match these fun refreshed feelings!

We actually started to get NEW fall yarn this week - NEW Ella Rae Alpaca Mohair Degrade!  This yarn is so luscious and though you could totally use it on its own, I have several awesome plans to use it as a carry-a-long to create some amazing watercolory items!  

We've also start to put up our fall class listings (just started - the majority are still coming)!  But if you want to get a jump and check them out - here they are!

I've heard that a few of you are ALREADY done with your Grist Shawls for the Greater Boston Yarn Crawl (9/29 - 10/2) and I can't wait to see them!  I told you - it is a QUICK knit for sure!

And you can get the crochet version here - 


And I've been having loads of fun putting together Starburst Kits - though it is a struggle to not cast on a new one every time that I put a pit together!  Get one now, while Starburst is our featured pattern!

Wednesday is the deadline for blankets for Boston Medical Center - if you have them ready or almost ready but haven't made it in yet, make a plan to come in today or Wednesday!!  You guys have really been AMAZING with this project!  I'll let you know that final number of blankets next weekend!

It is a perfect day for a trip to the shop, so I'll hope to see you!!

Island Yarn 
189 Main Street
Maynard, MA  01754
Hours: Wednesday 12 - 5, Thursday 12 - 6, Friday and Saturday, 12-5
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