Letters, and bunnies and treasures, oh my!

Victoria Myers

Tags charity
All during this time of being separated from people I love, I've been meaning to be better about sending little letters and stuff in the mail - I mean, WHEN, was the last time you were actually delighted by a piece of mail? I used to write and receive letters like a mad woman in my youth, and I still have most of them, and totally love them.  So, why not use this time to, when you can't see everyone like you would like to, make a trip to the mail box a FUN thing again?!  
My daughter and I have gone back and forth and back and forth almost everyday about how we're going to vote and though, I think we've finally decided to just suit up and vote in person, early, a lot of you may need and want to vote by mail.  (Have you ever noticed - I LOVE little events that are create happiness on lots of levels!)  So, it is a great time to support the postal service to make sure everyone who needs and wants to mail in their ballot CAN!  So, our NEW bit of fun?  
I have a giant stack of patterns in the shop that I would love to give you guys to mail to friends!  Every time you pop in or buy something online (for the next month or so), I'll happily send along a pattern and envelope (and I'll even have stamps in store) for you to address and send along to a friend who isn't expecting any kind of fun in their mailbox!  I found that my main barrier in wanting to send little surprises was that my letter writing capability and time has been dormant too long and I'm just not capable of doing it anymore, so I let go of it!  And I'm just gonna send fun little patterns and other stuff to my peeps!  Have a bunch of non-knitting friends?  How about a recipe?  Or even a pretty picture from anywhere?  I'll mail your patterns from the shop if you prefer - just make sure you come armed with addresses!  And yes, you can have more than one!
The second bit of fun...And I've been thinking so much about those of you who have kids in school and you teachers out there.  What a freaking mess.  I wish there was a good solution, but it seems like we're all just gonna have to carry on and do our best and hope.  SOOOOO, being that I'm a *little* into knitting ;)  and many of you have, so kindly,  continued to contribute straight needles, I thought I would put together some kid's learn to knit packs.  The educational and stress relieving benefits of knitting are just so many, that it seems even more beneficial to the kids now, more than ever.  (Also, did you guys know that the Friend's schools and I think even some Montessori schools teaching knitting even before reading?)  This idea is just at its little beginning stages, so stay tuned for more stuff, but for now, if you've got kids that might benefit from some knitting education in this crazy time, pop in and grab a kit - they'll be FREE!  Here's a great beginner YouTube video for them.  I'm going to include yarn for them to make the best kid's beginner project I know of - this awesomely cute bunny!  If I can get enough of these put together over my weekend, I'll put them online so that you can throw them into an order if you don't want to pop in.  You can see, from that link, I also put together these super fun Treasure Balls for kids.  They take a fair amount of time to make, but man, do I want an adult one!  So fun! 

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