Lalalala Lhasa!!

Lalalala Lhasa!!

This might be a long gushing post, so if you are a "cut to the chase type" click here to see what I'm talking about!

So, we got some yarn this week. It wasn't just any yarn, it wasn't even just really nice yarn. It is AMAZING, SMOOSHALICIOUS, DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN yarn. Meet Lhasa.IMAG2857_1

Lhasa is our newest arrival from Debbie Bliss, and let me tell you, it is serious Bliss. It is the ultimate in treat-yourself yarn! The feel when you knit it....that luscious finished feel. It will just leave you speechless.

Lhasa is a beautiful 50/50 Cashmere/Yak blend, and its chainette ply works some amazing magic making normally tender fibers into easy to knit and hardy wearing yarn. I knit the red cowl you see 3 times...same yarn, absolutely no wear on the yarn through the 3 just got nicer and nicer as it ran through my fingers. And then I washed it. Oh dear if it wasn't nice enough. If anyone is looking to clone knitters, I'm pretty sure the finished cowl has every knitters' dna on it from face squishing! ;)

And listen, it is cashmere and yak. Which means it is cashmere and yak priced, and while it would be glorious to make one of the larger projects in this beautiful book.

It probably isn't realistic for everyone. Soooo. we have TWO great one-skein projects for you to try it out with. The first is a modified version of the Bandana Cowl. You can see the changes that I made here to get it accomplished in just one skein.IMAG2862_1

The next is Lhasa Layers, a new kit where we combined Lhasa with lofty Angel and a hint of Schmaltz for some subtle fancy-pants glitz. These yarns love each other and work incredibly well! Lhasa layers is fun and easy and will fly off the needles of even beginner knitters! You can find the kit here.IMAG2877_1

This is just a yarn you want to put your hands (and face) into! So if you're a mom or dad (or know one) who has survived summer...maybe it is time to treat yourself! And if you decide to try one of each, you'll automatically get FREE shipping!

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