Mystery Grab Bag Challenge!!

A Tuesday post??  What's this??  Well, it is Greater Boston Yarn Crawl (starts Thursday!) week which means there are going to be LOADS of posts!  This one is brought to you by our Mystery Grab Bags!!  

These are a super fun way to get your paws into some really nice (usually discontinued) yarns at a steep discount!  I usually compulsively color coordinate them - not match but harmony and they tend to be worsted to bulky weight.  I've been thinking for ages how fun it would be to do a Grab Bag challenge and since I spent a good part of yesterday making more for the crawl, this seemed like the perfect time!

So, here is how it is going to work - get yourself at least one grab bag.  Take a "before" picture, like this:

Then, MAKE something!  Get your creative juices flowing!  If you are designerly minded - then design something!  If you aren't, don't worry, you can still have loads of fun with the multitudes of patterns - we even have a fair few stash busting patterns.  Get stripey, slip stitchy or colorblocky with a pattern you already know and love - or a new one that would suit this challenge.

When you are done - take an "after picture"!  After the crawl is over, I'll post a thread on ravelry for you to post your pictures and when the challenge is over, we'll get everyone to go and "love" vote and the most will get a fun prize!

Now, I'm expecting mostly accessories as Grab Bags tend to be between 400-700 yards per bag, but if you want to go crazy and do something bigger or if you want to do more than one - grab a few!

Here are the very few rules:

1 - Purchase a Mystery Grab Bag before 10/31/22

2 - Take a "before" picture of the yarns

3 - Take an "after" picture of your project

4 - Post it on Ravelry by 12/15/22 - please link if you have used a pattern and if you have designed your own and released it, let us know so that we can share that love too!

5 - You can enter as many times as you want

6 - You must use EVERY yarn in the grab bag, at least a little.  You don't have to use every inch of yarn, but each yarn must be in the project.

I mean, this sounds super fun, does it not???  I'm so excited!  I have 4 rows of my Papillon left and then I'm going to start my first one!!

Ready, set, go!  



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