A rainy Thursday morning....yawn!

Victoria Myers

Good morning everyone!

I now remember why I gave up blogging years ago - I totally suck and remembering to do it everyday!  The other day, I released a new Mad Ball pattern - Vexed - which, shockingly had its name before all of this started.  Though it hasn't been the most popular pattern I've ever released, I have to tell you - I love this one.  And in a fever of knitting so that I could get pictures of it last week - I knit it in less then a day!  And then spent the rest of the night stretching my shoulder.

For all the patterns I release during the time that we are closed - 20% of the sales price will go to Doctors without Borders and 20% will go to our Local Food Pantry - Open Table. So, as you can see - your $5 will mean a lot! I’d really appreciate you purchasing them! Thank you!!

Currently, this includes Vexed, but I’m working on loads more!  Actually, I've realized that I never officially released the pattern for the Big Mad Ball blanket that is in the store, so that will go up later today.

Making bread this morning - which isn't actually an apocalypse activity around here - I do it almost every week.  I've spoiled Aja with homemade bread and there's really no going back.  Any of you guys regularly make bread?  Any favorite recipes or combinations?  I confess - I don't really recipe with bread.  Just the basics - Flour, Water, Yeast, a little salt, sugar and oil - and then?  Anything that suits my fancy to throw in.  (Aja claims that this is because I'm an Aries.  I tell her that she's only saying that because she's a Leo.  ;) )  My weirdest is a gruelly pot of beans and grains that look truly disgusting, then adding all the basics once it has cooled enough to not kill the yeast.  It is still kind of a work in progress - yummy and healthy, but really doesn't love to rise much with all those other things holding back the yeast.

Pop in a comment and say hi and let me know how you are!  (Though this blogging format is so different from what I used to use - I can't figure out how to reply yet)  :/  I hope you are all home and healthy!


  • Joybelle, put your sunglasses on and quit yer bellyachin’! ;-). I will soon reduce my contraband Egregious Yarn in this way and return a penitent sinner to the fold. Haha.


  • Deb might make an egregiously colored Vexed. My Eyes! My Eyes! Help me!


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