20 Bits of Fun to wave 2020 GOODBYE

20 Bits of Fun to wave 2020 GOODBYE

So, I figured 2020 is just such a stink-o year, that poor #20 might need a good association with it...so there are TWENTY things for this weekend - from Thursday (at 12:01am) to Monday (at 11:59pm).  Hopefully, all my lists come together and it all works!  Here they are - in absolutely no particular order!

1 - Buy a $50 Giftcard and get a $5 bonus giftcard!  (I have to send these separately so it might not be for an hour or two depending on your timing.)

2 - Win a FREE Mad Ball!  Hidden inside one of the Mad Balls currently for sale, is a token for a FREE Mad Ball!  I had my daughter hide it, so don't try to get it out of me - I have no idea which on she put it in!

3 - NEW Me Hat Kits!  Beautiful new Quick to Knit Kit for those of you still trying to churn out more gifts!

4 - FREE Foldable Shopping Bags!  (These are hidden in the listings - so go treasure hunt for them - one per person, please!)

5 - Double Stash Cash Points for all five days!

6 - Louisa Harding Enorme - now 40% off!! - All GONE!

7 - Free shipping on order over $50 for all 5 days!

8 - NEW Grande Dragon Scales Kit!  (It wouldn't be any fun without NEW Dragon Scales!)

9 - FREE Simplicity Shawl Pin when you order any Dragon Scales Shawl Kit (perfect little addition to your gifts)!

10 - Combo XL - now 50% off!

11 - NEW Ladders Shawl Kit!

12 - FREE Mystery pattern with every order!

13 - Save 25% off our Samples and finished items with code GIFTY (just in case you can't get everything done, but love to give handmade!)

14 - NEW Acorn Path Shawl Kit!!  Fast and snuggly - this one could still get done by gifty time!

15 - Ella Rae Phoenix is now 30% off!

16 - There are FIVE Learn to Knit Kits that include FREE needles and a mystery color - just five, get them fast!

17 - Noro Kumo is now 40% off!

18 - Noro Mirai is now 40% off! - ALMOST GONE

19 - Albina is now 50% off!

20 - NEW Candy Basket Kits - perfect for all those little neighbor gifts to help cheer up the world this year!

Phew - I tried to make all of these fun for online shopping so that you don't feel like you have to come out to have a little yarny fun.  I hope you all stay safe and healthy over Thanksgiving!

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